ecs | A Parsons Company


Based in Minneapolis, MN, ecs is a division of Parsons. ecs provides national distribution centers with reliable 24/7 one-source electrical, fire and arc flash services. We have been a leader in the industry since 1927. Guided by LEAN principles, ecs strives to add value to our customers through continuous improvement, innovation, analytics, and experience.

ecs, a parsons company, About, Electrical, Fire, Arc Flash Servicesecs provides distribution centers with reliable, 24/7, one-source electrical and fire services. ecs has highly-trained, nationwide teams with advanced technology delivering improved uptime, safety, and peace-of-mind.

ecs Vision is to become the preferred national maintenance and service provider for the largest, centralized distribution centers.

ecs Mission is to maximize safety and uptime.

ecs Solution is our proven core processes for providing thorough preventive maintenance, responsive service, and strategic construction initiatives for our electrical and fire projects.

ecs Core Values are what make us TICK:

Teamwork Together we succeed
Integrity Do the right thing when no one is watching
Commitment Always provide excellent customer service
Knowledge Understanding gained by experience