Design Build

design/buildecs design-assist and design build services include reviewing and implementing local jurisdictional codes and life safety requirements. We personally meet with local authorities to ensure proper state and local permitting and licensing when requirements are met.

Pre-construction services also include review of site specific utilities for proper design coordination of building services. With quality people and a team approach, ecs is able to successfully complete difficult projects on schedule even under the most demanding physical conditions. We take responsibility for every piece of the project including work performed by subcontractors.

ecs offers early phase cost-estimating, value analysis, early design solutions modeling, bid packaging, risk assessment and mitigation, scheduling and workforce planning, as well as Women and Minority Business participation.

Our experience is trusted. We utilize cutting edge tools. We provide our customers with quality, and energy-efficient equipment.


In order to better manage engineering and construction budgets, schedule, and design coordination, ecs recommends our this delivery method incorporating our engineering and construction services.

In-House Capabilities Include

Pre-Construction Services, Estimating, Cost Consulting, Fast-Track Construction, Engineering, Quality Control, Design-Build, Design-Assist, and Integrated Project Delivery to name a few.