Preventative Safety Measures for Arc Flash Hazards

arc flash, electrical services, arc flash dangers An arc flash is a dangerous safety hazard associated with the release of energy caused by an electric arc. An arc flash is an explosion that can cause severe burns, injuries or death depending on the severity. These incidents typically occur in applications above 120 volts and can take place at any time especially when electrical equipment is being inspected or serviced.

Arc flash safety concerns exist when a person is working on or near exposed electric conductors or circuit parts that have not been de-energized and placed in a safe work condition such as lockout tagout.

Safety & Risk Mitigation For Arc Flash Hazards:

  1. An arc flash hazard study should be performed to evaluate accurate labeling of electrical equipment.
  2. To be in compliance with OSHA & NFPA 70E Standard, arc flash labels should be created and placed on all pieces of equipment analyzed as part of an Electrical Safety Program.
  3. Contact ecs to request an Arc Flash quote. We will determine the arc flash boundary detailing the safe distance from equipment and provide arc flash labels as well as a short circuit equipment evaluation to help you evaluate your electrical system. We will also perform an arc flash risk assessment which includes the following elements:
    • Provide an up-front explanation of the requirements of NFPA 70E 2018
    • Survey existing or new electrical systems to collect data necessary to perform a short-circuit analysis, protective device coordination study, and arc flash analysis
    • Develop a plan to correct any repairs, system updates or deficiencies necessary to meet NEC and NFPA guidelines
    • Update building electrical one-line diagrams to depict current system
    • Deliver the completed arc flash risk assessment and install NFPA compliant labels identifying protection levels
    • Optional – Comprehensive three (3) hour training covering OSHA Regulations and NFPA 70E – perfect for anyone working on or near energized electrical equipment

Benefits of an ecs Arc Flash Assessment include:

  • Improved safety for people maintaining your electrical system so they will know the level of risk involved with each piece of equipment
  • Electricians will know what PPE (personal protective equipment) is required to safely work on your system
  • You will have current documentation of your facilities electrical system for future moves, adds and changes


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