The Cost of Doing Nothing

Often times, the cost of doing nothing is much higher than the cost of routine preventative maintenance – this is also the case in most distribution centers. Let’s do the math.

Starting out with a very conservative estimate of 6,000 packages per hour (at $5 apiece) on one conveyor belt equates to an operational maintenance value of $30,000 per hour. What happens when something breaks?

Time is Money.

circuitSomething as simple as a circuit breaker trip, a problem resolved with a quick 15 minute reset, can cost you up to $7,500 based on the example above. If this quick-fix doesn’t get you back online, replacing the breaker is your next option. Depending on the configuration of your panel, this can take up to 45 minutes (not including shipping/delivery time) costing you $22,500, and must be concluded with a Lock Out Tag Out program to avoid injury. Neither of these options are viable without having the proper replacement breaker in stock at your facility. Delivery and installation of a new breaker after ordering with expedited shipping can take up to 4 hours, a cost of $120,000 for your building.

Sometimes, the problem lies within the panel, often a short circuit or grounding malfunction, causing the entire panel to need replacing. This process takes up to 3 days, or a cost of $720,000. Alas, there is a silver lining to this situation. These incidents are easily avoided with a Preventative Maintenance program from ecs. Panel, Transformer, Low Voltage, and Medium Voltage maintenance programs clean out all dust and debris from equipment that can cause overheating and shorts as well as exercising all the moving parts like breakers and disconnects so they work properly when you need them most. Routine Infrared studies can show loose connections and possible arcing inside live equipment without putting anyone in danger or shutting down the equipment. Often included in our Infrared (IR) studies is a code compliance check.  The electrical code gets an update every 3 years.  Sometimes items that were code compliant when they were installed would no longer be if inspected today.

The Status Quo is Changing

The world is changing at an alarming pace for distribution centers.  More online shopping daily, more types of cost of doing nothingproducts, and expedited delivery time means more automation, conveyance, robots, powered lifts, and electric forklifts.  All of this equates to more power needs.  So, how much capacity does your building have?  How much can you add?  How much have you changed already in recent years? How much will it cost?

We  at ecs know you are going to be making improvements to your systems.  All of them.  Some of those systems also require code compliance testing annually, semi-annually, or even more often. We offer subcontractor management for construction, maintenance and break fix including fire alarm and sprinkler system testing and a 24/7 emergency line handled directly by our in- house staff. We also offer a merged approach to all fire alarm and sprinkler system testing to reduce the impact on your building by putting all code compliance contractors on site at one time.  This sounds like it could be a headache for staff, but we provide on site supervision and management to minimize cost, building risk and staff involvement.

Can You Afford to Wait?

Our primary focus is distribution centers so we know your buildings and operations. Your job, is our business – our goal is maximizing your uptime, and cutting your operational costs with routine preventative maintenance. Contact us today for more information on how ecs can save you time and money.

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